A Natural Face Cleanser: Home-Grown Face Wash

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There are a lot of commercial face wash products lining up on the counters of stores that people can choose which one they need. These products contain certain chemical ingredients used by multinational corporations that may harm your body for long term usage. People may not aware or does not know ingredients like synthetic dyes, DMDM hydantoin, FD&C or D&C variants that are tested on animals by reason of their carcinogenic properties. Some products contain synthetic scent which can cause allergies, breathing problems, dermatitis, or the generative system. If you do not want to spend a few dollars on ingredients like these, try buying a natural face cleanser. However, since they are expensive, why do not you try making your own organic cleanser?

Chamomile Face Cleanser


You will need to prepare these natural face cleanser ingredients including ¼ cup organic chamomile tea that benefit for its anti-inflammatory treatment, ¼ cup liquid castile soap, ¾ teaspoon sweet almond, grape seed, avocado, hazelnut, or olive oil, 8 drops essential oils, few drops of Vitamin E oil (noncompulsory, but suggested).


Brew a cup of thick chamomile tea and let it cool a bit. Take remaining ingredients and combine them in a small bowl. Add tea and mix them together. Pour into a small squeeze bottle or thrust bottle. You can put label to container. This recipe makes about 4 ounces of natural face cleanser. You can use this facial by squirting cleanser into washcloth or hands and softly wash face. And then rinse well with water. You can continue applying your favorite toner or moisturizing cream.


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