Best Acne Scar Treatment

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When your acne is difficult to get rid, you would like to do any treatments to remove it, including set up your food portions, limiting fats and consuming much water. Acne can be caused by puberity phase so that often attack for many teenages. Acne perhaps can be removed by press it in a beauty clinic, but over the times, you will find acne scars appear. Of course you will never go to the beauty clinic every week just to get acne scar treatment, won’t you!. Acne scar treatment actually can be overcome without should take much budget. Well, the following are some acne scar treatment that are safe and naturally for you.

Fatty Foods As Acne Scar Prevension


Right now, if you like consuming any foods containing much saturated fats, please avoid them. Fatty foods including junk foods should not consume, as long as they can damage your face. As much as possible consuming everything from vegetables and fruits i.e. tomatoes, cabbage, broccolli and much water. If you can’t consuming vegetables, you can make them as a juice to mix with other fruits. Also, be carefully to choose a milk. Some milk that contains much fats can stimulate acne to grow that finallt leave the acne scars. For treatment, consuming vegetables and fruits juice can soften your skin face and make it feels tight.

Using A Cup Of Honey

Using a cup of honey can help you eliminating acne scars over the time. To use it, smear of honey in area of scars. Do it every morning, afternoon and at night. But note to rinse it after you smearing, because honey contains sweet that can make ants to come.

best acne scar treatment


20 Photos of the Best Acne Scar Treatment

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