Choosing Right Jeans For Petite Women

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Choosing jeans for petitie women certainly is not as easy as when we choose  jeans for medium women. They are impossible to use a big jean that can make them sink when is used. To look stylish and perfect using jeans, there are two ways for choosing jeans for petitie women viz. By ordering directly to a tailor, you just prepare a jeans fabric and the fitted jeans pant was ready for you. Even you can request the special design you want without being afraid you would sink with the jeans you worn. Well, below are some types of jeans for petite women.

Mini Jeans Skirt

petite clothing for women

Petitie women can look taller by using mini jeans skirt. For the color choice, it is up to you but for the size, be sure that the length is above far of your knee. Mini jeans skirt is also various. It consists from many designs that make you look impressive when wearing it. For the sexy look, you’d better choose a sea blue, dark blue or black color on your mini jeans skirt. Nevertheless be sure that the size is not too large for you. If you request the size through a tailor, the size will be fitted but if you hunt it on the store, be sure to try before you buy. Ripped jeans can also be considered. The ‘ripped’ can be a focal point that makes you looks more fashionable without they know that in real you are a petitie women.

Pair It With

After you find the best mini jeans skirt you want, to look more casual, you can pair with a white T-shirt with the fitted size. Then, your look will be more perfect when accompanied with high heels. Some colors of high- heels you may choose i.e. red, dark blue or black. Higher the high –heels, the sexier you would look. The use of leather jacket can also be considered. It makes young looks bolder and brave and certainly make someone forget that you are petite.

colored jeans for women


In choosing jeans for petite women, not of all jeans are suitable for you. A type of jeans should be avoided i.e. petite jeans (since it has an open end that makes it look strange when is used by small women), and also a flat jeans that has the same size around sections. We hope that choosing right jeans for petite women above can  inspire you all.

20 Photos of the Choosing Right Jeans For Petite Women

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