Gel Nail Polish Real Application

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As we know that gel nail polish now becomes up- to- date trend. It can be the natural substitute for acrylic nails, it is a new and doesn’t cause any loss to your natural nails. It is same beautiful and elegant. Additionally,  this also lift less than acrylic nails and even it can dry faster of all, so there is no problem to choose this one.  Moreover, they can be the base coat that is used for strengthen the real nails. Let’s see the gel nail polish real application to help you apply it well.

Preparation for Gel Nail Polish Real Application

gel nail polish (1)

Try buffing the top section of the nails aimed for removing shines at there. Don’t forget to apply the base coat of primer. Then ,let it to dry along ways. After that, using the brush with gel to slowly brush the small layer of  the nails of gel onto the nail. Let’s brushing from the cuticle to the end of the nail. Allow it to dry for 1 – 3 minutes till the gel becomes dry. Add the next coat of the gel to the nails.

Nowadays, let the bead of gel for shaping on your nails, then spread it out over the nail. Put your own fingers back under the morning sunlight, let i to dry naturally. Now, it is time for you to repeat for the last times, let the gel gone. After that, let it to dry under the light and be sure that the Gel nail polish real application becomes good idea for you.

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13 Photos of the Gel Nail Polish Real Application

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