Homemade Natural Face Cleanser

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We probably often ignore our face health. Indirectly, our face will become dulls and so bad. Have a bright and shiny face, certainly becomes all people wishes so this tells us the importance of face cleanser. Face cleanser not only makes our face to stay fresh and bright but also keep ph of skin face in order not to too dry and too wet. Beside that, the use of face cleanser can be one of way to prevent acnes and blackheads.  But there is a little problems when recently there are many face cleanser sold by manufacturers bring side effects on us, as like bring a burn sense etc. Choosing natural face cleanser is wisely overcame.

1st Tips


It is the first tips we want to show off. Prepare 1/2 tsp cold milk and 1/2 tsp salt. Let’s stir them together and then soak a cotton ball also dab carefully all over the face.  Wait till the milk was dried, wait for about 3 minutes.  Dip a cotton ball and re-mix it,  rub in a circular motion so you can wash off with water. You can use a salt can work to exfoliate dead skin resulting in instant brightness while the use a milk for removing dirt from deep pores so that you can have the clean face.

2nd Tips

The next way is by combine a tsp o fuller’s earth and honey also mixed with a few drops of orange juice. Let it being cool and scrub around your face gently. Rinse it off to get a glowy from the orange juice but be sure to wait for 10- 15 minutes before rinse it.

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