How to Apply Natural Makeup

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Make up is an important thing that can’t be separated from women. Women will feel weak when they don’t use the best make up that can beautify their faces. Make up actually is not too crucial. For those who are used to do DIY make up without someone else’s help, they may be independent. But are you sure that the way you to do make up is in a right way?. For many women, especially for teenagers, they probably need their face look fresh and young, natural make up is the main solution for it. Natural make up is the make up ways that is not too thick, soft and look natural.

Right Foundation

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At first, we want to show you about the right foundation. If you have a black skin, don’t try to use white, reddish or other bright foundation. Use the foundation with color that fits to your skin. Doing mistakes in choosing the foundation makes you look so silly and being not natural. Mixing two colors of foundation is absolutely suggestible to achieve the suitable color that fits to your skin.


As we know that lipstick comes into various lips colors. It should be used to adjust your lips character and its shape. To appear natural make up, you are ought to correct or line your lips by using lip pencil. It is used to make your lips looks balanced and lipstick doesn’t spread out when applied on your lips. Line too far or even out from your lips area will make your lips look bigger and not natural. Hope few Natural Makeup above can inspire you all.

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9 Photos of the How to Apply Natural Makeup

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