How To Find The Suitable Eyebrow Shapes

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As we know that every women has a different eyebrow shape. Ranging from thick, thin and medium eyebrow, women is various and unique. Nevertheless some of them precisely do everything to make their eyebrows look more unique and beautiful, one of ways to do such as using laser treatment, eyebrows embroidery, thread planting techniques and so on. They effort to have suitable and beautiful eyebrow shapes that they wish. With little beauty treatments, they will get fit eyebrows shape they want. But sometimes they probably will forget to find what’s the suitable eyebrows shapes for themselves because not of all eyebrow shapes can fit to any face shapes.

Skinny Face

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For those who have skinny face shape and thin should have horizontal eyebrows to be effectively shorten their face as visually. In addition, the arch is ought to be relatively small. Keep in mind that the end and beginning of the eyebrow should be on a similar levels.

Oval Face

While for those who have oval face is ought to have moderate arch on their eyebrows. Not far different than those with skinnny face,  be sure that the beginning and end of the eyebrow is stayed on the same level.

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Round Face

The last category is a round face. Those who with round face, should effort to lengthen their face with type of eyebrows shape  that have a significant arch. Another problem with a round face is that this commonly is as wide as well. Make sure that an arch should able to make your face look to be like a three dimensional. 

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