Learn How to Apply Simple Eye Makeup

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Those who are still considered as newbie in using makeup are not supposed to learn how to apply sophisticated eye makeup. As a starter, they can begin the challenging adventure of makeup world by learning about how to apply simple eye makeup.



Applying the Basic Eye Makeup.To talk about the basic, the very first thing to do in applying a simple eye makeup is to put on foundation or concealer over the eyelids. One major reason is that eye shadow will particularly last longer if the application is not on the bare skin. Beside, oily eyelids can make the shadow gets messed and the drier one may leave blotchy color because the lids will absorb the moisture of the shadow. Then, you are advised to fill your eyebrows using a pencil with the same color of your hair by lightly stroking. After you are done, it is the time to move to lining the eyes with black or brown eyeliner. In lining the upper lid you just need to simply draw a line across after pulling the lid taught. To line the inner rim of the lower lid, you can slightly pull down the lower lid to make the waterline visible and start to draw the eyeliner on the outer half.




The selection for eye shadow may be different for one preference to another. Even if it is simple eye makeup, do not hesitate to try applying multiple colors of eye shadow. At the very first, you will be recommended to brush the lightest color across the entire part of the eye including the lid and also the socket. Then, you can apply the medium range of shade to the eye socket and also the outer corner. You can blend the color through your bare finger. Finally, the darkest range of shade can be applied through a sponge applicator. Start by making a small line along the upper lid and around the bottom near the lashes. To finish it all, curling your eyelashes will be completed after applying the mascara as well.



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