Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes Based on the Eye Color Range

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You may find a variety of tips for applying the appropriate makeup for those whose eyes are brown. However, it should be noted that even brown eyes are supposed to be differentiated based on the brown color range. People who inherit deep dark brown eyes should apply different makeup from those who get the medium or light brown. The following is the list of makeup tips for brown eyes based on the range of the eye color.

Details of the Makeup Guidance for Brown Eyes


Women whose eyes belong to the darkest shade of brown should not really worry about the color selection of eye shadow as most of the available colors match them. However, it is necessary to apply the lighter shades of color from their iris to approach the makeup which appears to be too dark or harsh and emphasize the color highlighted. Different case will work for those whose eyes are more into the medium brown range. More excitement can be experienced as any color available on the eye shadow palette works for the medium brown eyes. If violet and purple can match just fine, gold and bronze are also good ideas. Even greens will look awesome on those eyes or you can alternate to stay different by using multiple colors.

The more challenging makeup tips for brown eyes actually appear for those who get light brown eyes with golden flecks of iris. Using the pale yellow is good as a highlight but you cannot overdo the brown shade usage. Then, the lighter level of brown eyes until they appear to be hazel-looking will go just perfect with colors which are slightly darker than the skin tone. As a recommendation, champagne and mauve colors match the best with hazel eyes. Skip the worry as lining the eyes with violet, bronze, or dark brown is the key to stay awesome. Apricot and pink are the other options as the highlight but avoid black eyeliner since the hazel will be overpowered.



4 Photos of the Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes Based on the Eye Color Range