Pros And Cons The Use Of Mineral Make Up

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Mineral make up becomes the main important thing that can’t be separated from your life. When you want to have the best make up, you will be confused to choose the best type of make up materials, the use of mineral make up is recommended. There are many women think that mineral make up is safe and sterile, but in real it is not always true. There is a comparison between modern make up with conventional make up. For modern make up, mineral make up can be an obligation, meanwhile on conventional make up, it is not used. Let’s review what are pros and cons of mineral make up.


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Indirectly, when you are diligent using mineral make up, your skin face will look fresher and cool. You will feel that your skin has been already regenerated to be cooler. Any bacteria cause of acne probably will be disappear. Dirt and dust on the surface of your face that covers your skin will be disappear. In addition, when you start to apply powder, it will adhere tightly because you have used mineral make up. That is a small part of the pros of the use of mineral make up.


In real, mineral make up is not fully helpful. Some of content on them even are mixed with chemical materials that can cause a cancer when is used for long term. Allergen reaction may also happen. It is important for you to know the real content inside or at least consult to your doctor to know the best mineral make up that is really made from natural, not for mixed with chemical liquid.


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