Smokey Eye Makeup: You Can Have It!

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Aside of following the trend, the idea of getting smokey eye makeup is not bad at all. It is a total jackpot to apply for going to an evening occasion. Is it going to be a tutorial? A big yes, I say. If you cannot wait any longer for the guideline, here are the steps of getting the sexy trendy eye makeup.

The Tutorials. Before getting into the main course of smokey eye makeup, it is important to make a little preparation on the skin around the eyes and apply the face makeup. First, attach a big powder brush under the eye to capture the falling shadow. Then, you can start to put on a black powder shadow near to the lash line on both top and underneath sides. It is recommended that you just press the liner brush gently, not drag it across the lash line. Second, you are advised to apply creamy shimmer to the inner corners of the eye after removing the translucent powder. It is purposed to emphasize the whites so that they will look brighter. However, avoid putting the shimmer too heavily if you get creepy lids.


Next step will be the instruction to apply coat of mascara one more time to the top lashes. It is recommended to wiggle the brush at the lashes’ base to add more color. It will be better if you prefer colored mascara because it is always successful to flatter the eyes with colorful shades. To improve the dramatic looks, flaring the fake eyelashes will be a good deal. You can do it by dipping the lashes in a small amount of glue using tweezers and put them on the outer third of the top lash line. It should be an exclusive advice for searching the fake eyelashes which get the label of knot-free as the ends will blend into the lash line. The final touch includes wiping away the wayward eyeliner or mascara using a makeup eraser pencil. Also, after the shadow is done, tone down the areas you want by gliding a concealer brush. To remove your makeup to wrap up the day, you better use an oil-based eye makeup remover.



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