Stop Back Acne With Oil Free Body Wash

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Summer has come and it is time to wear tube top but after you glance at your mirror, you stop and realize that you can’t wear it. It is because you have back acne. Back acne is unattractive, sore, ugly and rashes on the back that suddenly developed out of nowhere. Back acne is caused when the sebaceous glands yield extra oil that blocks the pores and appeals bacteria. But different to facial acne, back acne is not genetic and not triggered by a hereditary tendency. Unfortunately, back acne is a stubborn acne as the skin of the back is profuse than facial skin which makes it more resilient to cure. One way to avoid the back acne is by showering with oil free body wash.

Back Acne Prevention

oil free acne body wash

You can prevent the back acne to develop by avoid wearing tight clothes. Take off those skintight t-shirt as excessively snug clothes tighten skin and block sweat from the skin and prevent it to breathe. Choose slacker outfits that made from cotton. Also change bed sheets regularly for at least once a week. The hot and damp weather condition requires you to change often.

The dust and body oil that amassed on the skin can clog up your pores so shower often. After exercises, on hot days, or after any hard activity, shower should be done immediately. It will keep your back oil-free, clean and fresh. Choose oil free body wash for shower but do not use soaps with too much perfume. An example of oil free body soap is Neutrogena.

neutrogena oil free body acne wash

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