The Captivating Sexy Eye Makeup

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Applying sexy eye makeup is not awkward at all if you have it in the right manner for the right occasion. Apparently, eyes are chosen as the major attraction for man when they meet a woman for the first time. You do not need to over think if you do not inherit the unique blue eyes. Selecting the idea of the captivation eye makeup may be a big deal for leaving memorable impression on your blind date or even the first date.


How to Touch Up the Foxy Eye Makeup.  As a starter, make sure that you wash away any remaining substance from your eye so that you will be able to begin clean and fresh. The next thing to do is gathering the items for creating the sexy eye makeup. The first two main characters of the eye makeup will be the application of mascara and eyeliner. For applying mascara, it is good if you make an effort to use mascara to add the volume of the eyes. On the other hand, the application of eyeliner is supposed to be adjusted to the eye’s shape and size. To shrink down the big eyes, you are advised to apply dark black, brown, or charcoal eyeliner. Nude and bright eyeliner will help to pop the small-sized eyes. The popping project can be supported by the usage of green, brown, or purple eye shadow.

Those who have short eyelashes may also include the application of fake eyelashes. But, it is highly recommended to avoid using one if you get enough amounts of natural eyelashes. After applying fake eyelashes, only if it is necessary, you will need to pump up the volume of your eyes by curling the eyelashes. Then, you are required to put a thick coat of dark mascara especially to the outer lashes to create a foxy impression. For the application of the eyeliner, it is better if you apply it on both the lower waterline and lash-line to make a perfect balance. Putting eyeliner to the inner rim is a good idea to make the eyes looks smaller yet foxy-looking. Applying a self-tanner to your face will highlight the contrast with the eyes.





4 Photos of the The Captivating Sexy Eye Makeup