The Effects Of Skinny Jeans For Women

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Skinny jeans for women is absolutely trendy. There is no women who have not ever used skinny jeans. Skinny jeans can make you look sexy and tall. Even when you have a problem with your body height, pair your skinny jeans with a high heel can make you look taller. But there is a little bit problem when it threats your health. Why?. The effects of skinny jeans for women is so big, and some of them is negative effects. Especially it can influence the human’s health. See the effects you may not ever predict before.

Causing Disease

skinny jeans for 50 year old woman

A doctor Greater Baltimore Medical Center United States named Karen Boyle, he said that the use of skinny jeans regularly can stimulate disease named Meralgra Paresthica. This is a type of disease that can make a person who suffered nerve disorder. This might happen when some parts of the outside nerves got under pressure.

High Heels with Skinny Jeans

Wearing the heels with skinny jeans also increases the chances of people suffering the infertility. For use both simultaneously in the long time, this would make the body posture to be tilted because getting more pressures. Well, the main solution is by begining to replace the jeans with other clothes from different materials such as leggings pants. This can be done to reduce this risk. The impact not only on women, but also for men. To look sexy, the use of lagging pants now can be healthier and being alternative way to prevent disease may happen, at the same time still look trendy and fashionable. Legging pants for men now is available.

skinny jeans for a pear shaped body

Imperfectly Blood Circulation

Then when you use the skinny jean that is too tight, probably your waist will be difficult to move and so does for your buttock. Directly, the use of Skinny jeans for women hamper or at least reduce the speed of blood circulation around waist and hip area.

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