Top Natural Cosmetics To Try

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In real, cosmetics are divided into two, is that natural cosmetic and chemical cosmetic. Natural cosmetic generally is safer of all because made from herbs, while chemical cosmetic sometimes contains mercury that can give a negative effects to your skin. Although almost all the cosmetic brands claimed that their cosmetic products are safe and free from mercury, but in reality, some of them are still injected with it, although with smaller levels. So, you as the smart woman should know the way to compare which one is natural cosmetics and which one are not.


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The first cosmetic that we recommend for you is Vitacost. Vitacost contains herb materials that are safe and good to use without any side effects. Vitacost have many products such as bb cream, foundation, cream foundation, powder etc. The price is not too expensive and even you can visit its officially website to shop directly as online. Go tovitacost. com and then fine the natural cosmetics you want.


The next natural cosmetics isi garnier. Garnier is the great products that include face washing, bb cream, whitening cream, foundation and much more. You can see the wrap of the box, it shows you a green leave and yellow color on its outer packaging. It shows that all the garnier product are safe and have been licensed as an international brands that are safe and has imported many beauty and cosmetics product around the world including, Asia, Europe, Africa etc.

best natural cosmetics

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