Yellow Nail Polish Design Ideas

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There are many people feel surprised with color of yellow, especially for nail polish. Yellow nail polish is something uniquely. You can make everything brighter by having yellow nail polish. Yellow nail polish symbolizes brightness, beauty and life. There are some considerations to apply yellow nail polish on your nails, first the polish should be adhered tightly on your nails. Then, don’t forget to choose a high quality polish that not easy to be dull. And for the last, choose the nail polish that is safe to use, not contain to much chemical materials. Some design of yellow nail polish also needs to consider Here are some designs.

Yellow and Black

essence yellow nail polish

Yellow and black are the great combination for color of Yellow nail polish design. Combine the yellow at the top, apply it in angle, then apply the black under it. If you want, you can put the gold color in the middle of your nails. Before you apply the polish, be sure that you sand your nails in order to look smooth and  nails can adhered perfectly. Another design can be found by adding a black cat head in the center of the nails that previously has been painted with yellow polish. This is unique because you will able to see a unique character of animal in the center of your nail. See and practice!

Yellow and Flowers

Yellow nail polish can be described with any types of flowers including sun flowers or rose to be the main part of your polish design. While allow the background is in blue color.

yellow nail polish 2014

23 Photos of the Yellow Nail Polish Design Ideas

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